INNOVATIVE DSX Ultra Short Throw Projector holding in the hand
INNOVATIVE DSX Ultra Short Throw Projector on table
INNOVATIVE DSX Ultra Short Throw Projector showing battery built in
Dimension of INNOVATIVE DSX Ultra Short Throw Projector
Features of INNOVATIVE DSX Ultra Short Throw Projector
INNOVATIVE DSX Ultra Short Throw Projector with projection lights
Side view of INNOVATIVE DSX Ultra Short Throw Projector
Remote control for INNOVATIVE DSX Ultra Short Throw Projector
Ultra Short Throw Projector in Compact Size with 3D, Smart Features & Long Hours Battery- Innovative DSX

Ultra Short Throw Projector in Compact Size with 3D, Smart Features & Long Hours Battery- Innovative DSX

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Product description

 World Smallest Ultra Short Throw Projector in Singapore

Experience Huge screen in lightweight Design 

Innovative DSX UST projector - Big Screen projection from console cabinet
Short in distance, Tall in features.
The Innovative DSX is the world’s smallest Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector that is battery powered.
Measuring just 4.96cm x 16.8cm x 21.2cm and weighing just a mere 600 grams, the Innovative DSX projector gives you 4 hours of continuous usage in a single charge!
What’s more, the DSX is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows and supports a wide array of connectivity options.
Innovative DSX UST projector - Battery operation for duration usage

Ultra-short throw, Distance not needed

Say bye-bye to traditional projectors that require a large amount of space to project your desired screen size.

Innovative DSX UST projector - living room lifestyle

Designed for small spaces such as living rooms and offices, the Innovative DSX UST projector lets you project up to a 100-inch screen within a 1-meter distance!

Innovative DSX UST projector specification

Plays nice with (almost) everything

The Innovative DSX projector fits perfectly into your lifestyle. Its built-in Android OS lets you install your favorite's video streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, and many more while also allowing you to connect to popular gaming consoles like the PlayStation 5 via HDMI!

 Want to impress during your next work presentation? Connect the DSX directly to your laptop and project your work in Full HD resolution.

Innovative DSX UST projector - comparison on panel monitor and projector TV

Love yourself, love your eyes

Traditional LCD/LED screens like your TVs and monitors project strong light rays directly into your eyes. This causes strains on your eyes which lead to fatigue and deterioration in your eyesight after a long period of usage.

All these can be eliminated with the use of the Innovative DSX UST projector. By projecting the image onto a screen, the diffused reflection imaging is gentle on the eye and reduces fatigue even after long hours of usage.

Innovative DSX UST projector lifestyle illustration with whale splash ocean

Full HD, Full enjoyment

Unlike other 720p resolutions in a similar-sized projector in the market, the Innovative DSX supports video formats of up to 1080p HD for the sharpest, most live-like footage you would ever see from a projector!

Innovative DSX UST projector - stereo audio illustration

Hi-Fi Audio - enhanced with equalizer

The Innovative DSX UST's assemble a good Hi-Fi audio into this cinema projector and also available to use either in Bluetooth speaker music mode or pairing with your external Bluetooth speaker.

Innovative DSX UST projector - entertainment features

Everything Your TV Has and More

HD video, gaming, internet connectivity, app access, screen mirroring - and that’s just the beginning. Your TV was made to be a media player. INNOVATIVE UST was built to be a powerful multimedia center that does it all. Never before has there been a more versatile ust battery projector in such a small package.



1080p full hd icon Excelent Decoder

Full HD1080p

trio circle overlapping color icon True-to-Life Colour

Vivid colour contrast

ratio icon Swappable Ratio

Alternate between 4:3 or 16:9

Innovative DSX UST projector - ultra short throw distance 100% Distance Offset

Short range image offset

Innovative DSX UST projector - handheld Smallest UST

Dimensions: 21.2 x 16.8 x 4.96 cm

Innovative DSX UST projector - in-built internal rechargeable battery Long Battery Life

Built-in 15600mAh battery that last up to 4 hours

Innovative DSX UST projector - lightweight at 600gm Lightweight

600grams. Carry it around easily

Innovative DSX UST projector - in-built mini PC operating system Android OS

Download and stream your favorite apps

Innovative DSX UST projector - Wi-Fi connectivity Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Stream with 2.4gHz or 5gHz Wi-Fi

Innovative DSX UST projector - Bluetooth connectivity Bluetooth

Connect or receive Bluetooth audio signal

Innovative DSX UST projector - immersive active shutter 3D calibration support 3D Vision Ready

Supported Immersive 3D stereoscopic display

Innovative DSX UST projector - ports Connections

1x ethernet, 1x HDMI, 2x USB and 1x AUX

Innovative DSX UST projector - in-built internal audio system Stereo Hi-Fi

Internal rich Hi-Fi audio with equalizer

Innovative DSX UST projector - gaming console compatibility Gaming Console

Supported PlayStation, Xbox, NDS and Wii

Innovative DSX UST projector - mirroring, cast, and screen share features Universal Mirroring & Cast

iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows

Innovative DSX UST projector - including accessories inside the box


Projector Specification

Projector Display Type: DLP
Projector Throw Rate: 0.25
Room Brightness and Optimal Projection Size: Dark Room - 100"
Dim Room - 90"
Lighted Room - 80"
Projector Human Color Technology: Yes
Projector Light Source: RGB 3 LED OSRAM
Projector LED Light Hours: >50,000 hrs
Projector Video Resolution: HD1080P
Projector Luminance Uniformity: >90%
Projector Image Offset: 100%
Projection Mode: Front, Rear, Ceiling, Side
TV System
Projector System: Android AOSP 3D
Projector RAM: 1GB
YouTube: Yes
Netflix: Yes
Projector Image Skew Correction: Auto Vertical
Projector Screen Mirroring: Android, IOS, Windows
Projector App Store: Aptoide
EMMC: 8GB (Expandable)
Projector Color Tuning: Yes
Projector Audio Equalizer: Yes
Audio & Inputs
Speaker: Hi-Fi 2W
Bluetooth Output: Yes (Connect with BT speaker)
HDMI: 1 (Support all HDMI Devices)
Audio out: Line out (3.5mm)
USB 1: 1 (Play MP4 & Data)
USB 2: 1 (for Mouse & Keyboard)
RJ45: Yes
Wi-Fi & Others
Internet: Wireless
Dual Band 2.4Ghz/5Ghz
Bluetooth: BT 4.0
Built-in Battery: 3~4hrs
Standby Power Consumption: <0.5W
Power Consumption: <46W
Noise: <32dB
Working Temperature: 0 to 40℃
Storage Temperature: -20 to 65 ℃
Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazing projector and amazingly short throw

This project is exactly what I was looking for, ultra short throw and super portable, perfect for traveling and showing posters and presentations at conferences. Company was very helpful and responsive, 10/10 would buy again!

Therese Tay
My cooking partner in the kitchen

I'm a culinary student and I like trying out in my small practice kitchen the various cooking video tutorials from school. DSX helps me see these videos clearly and a lot bigger than when I use my laptop. I don't need to put it a far distance nor did I ever need to get a projector screen. I just put it a few inches away from my white tiled kitchen wall. It is so convenient and easy to use. The sound is also good. Learning how to cook is so much fun and easier now :)

Replacing monitor with projector

Presently, just using a soft paper board as background. One picture is without room lighting and the another with room lighting. Ebook is with room lighting. Am now considering a whiteboard for my background.

I spent quite sometime in the shop at Bugis Junction and attending personnel is very patient as I tried projectors at the showcase, side view on some, further and near distance, brightness etc for my needs. in the end I settled for this model. Not only is this for watching movies, a screen for reading but also an extended monitor for work once I get a flat whiteboard.

Nice to have a projector that works well for me even with room lighting.

Thank you for your good words and making us your choice. As for whiteboard, it will not be suitable as it will be reflective , not good for eyes.. Purpose of UST projector vs monitor because it is projecting away so our eyes will not be too strain.. and at same time as flexibility of monitor size

Hasan Shamsi
Very Good Corporate Portable Projector

I have been looking for a portable projector which can project a decent image at a small distance which I can bring with me in my client site visits. DSX is the solution! Whether I'm coding or showing power point slides, I get clear texts and images. Been using it for 3 months now and counting!

Regina Guion
Best Bet for my work from home duties

I have space constraints with my work from home set up. DSX solved this problem by providing me clear and crisp projection at a nick of a distance! I can connect my laptop, my mobile and my tablet seamlessly. What's more , I can stream YouTube and Netflix direct from it!