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How to Select Projector for Home Theatre?

How to Select Projector for Home Theatre?


Consumers today love binging on the latest dramas and movies in the comfort of their own homes, but are they using the right projector? Many have the misconception that any projector will suffice, as long as it projects the visuals, it is good to go. But little do they know, projectors are categorized into specific needs that can serve their owners efficiently. 

This article will explain to you the specifications you should keep in mind and bonus features you might spot when you buy a home theatre projector. 

Home theatre projector specifications to look out for

1. Image Quality and Resolutions

The most common projector resolutions for home theatres are Wide XGA (1280px x 800px) and HD (1920px x 1080px). The higher the number of pixels, the sharper the projected image will be and also better compatibility with high-definition sources. For better results, you can experiment with matching the projector with the native resolution of your devices such as your laptops or tv boxes.  

Another detail to consider is the pixels. There are 2 types of pixels, square and diamond. Some users prefer the visual experience through square pixels, some prefer diamond pixels. It all boils down to your preference and expectation. All projectors use different pixels, this is one area you can look into when enquiring more about the projectors.

2. Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is the shape of the projected screen, which is very flexible if you prefer watching your movies on a widescreen (16:10) and then switching to a normal screen (4:3) for regular tv series binging. Make sure the projector you are eyeing has at least these 2 options to choose from, if the projector offers more options - that is even better in customizing the way you watch and enjoy. 

3. Installation Options

One of the most important things to consider before purchasing a projector for your home theatre is how you will set it up. Some projectors can only give you the ideal movie screen when mounted to the ceiling - which saves you space and the time of setting up for each use. The other way will be to mount it to an adjustable stand or position it on a table or shelf. Consider which one is more suitable for your entertainment needs. 

4. Colour Modes

Check out and compare the color modes of the projectors you are looking at, and think about which one suits your needs better. The basic color modes usually offered are dynamic, natural, cinema, soft, gaming, and user (customized) as our preferences of colors are all different. With these choices, you are able to calibrate the vibrancy and contrast of the projected visuals to suit your taste. 

Bonus features

1. Built-In Speakers

Built-in speakers are a valuable asset in movie projectors that allow you to watch your movies in crisp and clear quality which will not disturb other occupants in the house or your neighbors. Unless you prefer a surround sound setup, utilizing the built-in speakers is enough. The Bluetooth feature also allows users to connect Bluetooth earbuds/headphones, which allows a more private audio setting for your endless drama binging.  

2. 3D Programmes

Are you paying more for a 3D movie screening ticket? Save those dollars when your projector is able to screen 3D movies and watch them with 3D glasses. Furthermore, if you have kids, this is going to be an extremely fun and immersive bonus for them! Wear your 3D glasses and screen the latest blockbusters in 3D for family bonding time with our DS9 movie projector

There are many more bonus features such as pre-installed Netflix or YouTube 4K which are also available in our smart projectors, but the most important part is the basic specifications that you should keep in mind while shopping for projectors. 

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