Six Ways You Win by Owning a Projector

1. Mobility – Go, Go, Go

Always on your toes? Sure you can! Gone are the days of big and heavy projectors. Hello, portable, pocketable, light projectors. Now you can stream your favorite video, do office presentations, play your favorite online games, and more anywhere and everywhere, absolutely!


2. Size, Size, Size

Yes indeed, Size Matters! Ever dreamed of owning a 110” TV? Voila! You can now snap back to reality and own it. In fact, you can even make it bigger at your beck and call. With a projector, you do not need to confine yourself to your TV screen size. Get the screen size that you need instantly!


3. Price, Price, Price

You do not need to spend a fortune to enjoy huge screen sizes, and clear, high resolution, high contrast images. Projectors give you tremendous bang for your buck!


4. Infinite Connectivity

Fact or Myth? Your mobile phone is your BFF, you cannot leave home without it. The fact of course! Good news! Projectors literally let you enjoy your mobile phone content Big Time! Let screen mirroring or casting do its job. True or False? Only TVs are smart. False of course! Projectors are smart too! With built-in Android OS, you are just a click away from everything.


5. Celebrations Galore

Owning a projector makes you party-ready all year round! Party hosting and binge-watching movies with friends has never been so easy. Create your very own event or cinema in the comfort of your home!


6. Eye- Friendly

Projectors reflect light rather than emit light as most TVs do. This makes for an absolute zero-eye-strain experience. No eye strain means longer viewing equals better eye health.


Innovative Projectors are palm-sized, pocketable, and super lightweight. Provides you the freedom to choose your screen size easily from 5” to 300” diagonal and even more. You get clear, high contrast, high-resolution images everywhere all the time. Easy connectivity, user-friendly, ergonomically designed, top-notch after-sales service truly gives you the ultimate value for your money!